A Glimpse into War

We came over the top of a hill, staying in deep brush, when I called a halt. I told the rest of the team behind me to stay where they were. I then crawled up to where the point man was kneeling.

He asked if he saw the enemy positions. He blinked his eyes, looked around again, and shook his head no. I told him to look across the valley below us to the upslope on the next hill.

He still didn’t see the enemy positions. I finally pointed them out. They had been a little careless about the camouflage on their positions. There were areas where the color of the vegetation was lighter that the other areas around it.   I explained that this was probably a two or three man position, and that they had either not made sure the top of the leaf surface was facing out, or they had let the camouflage vegetation get too dry.   Either way, it was not a natural occurrence in nature, so it had to be manmade.

The only people in this area that would do this were the enemy troops. When we were fished, he had eventually found 7 potential problem sites. I showed him two more sites that he had missed. I told him that what he was seeing was the “Color of Life and Death”.

See it and live or miss it and die.

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2 Responses to A Glimpse into War

  1. Frank says:

    email bringuslight@msn.com but we should speak 1-1

  2. Frank says:

    God Bless

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