Another Letter from a Reader

Sometimes a second opinion is helpful. I got this letter just a few days ago.

June 11, 2013
Dear Dottie and Max,
Thank you for sending the book mark and nice note.
My husband has just finished reading the book, and I have bought two other copies for friends. Obviously the book has made an impact on me. The whole experience of our “by chance” meeting in the airport, our conversation there layered on my trip to Southeast Asia in 2004, and then reading Max’s story has had a profound effect.
These are the stories we rarely, if ever, hear. Most of us know something about the battle of war, but very little about the back story or the Shadow War, and therefore, we never appreciate the suffering and sacrifice made by others like Max.
And then, of course, there are the political questions – what we ask of people, what we do to others, why we as a nation do or no do certain things – the way policy is crafted or not. These are universal questions for all generations so I am not sure there are answers. I just know I am called to question and examine and I was drawn in to some form of relationship with you – to me it was not a coincidence.
I think the conversation began with the IPad – you will find one (or two, one for each of you) very handy.
Take Care
Peace and Blessings
Mary Lynn

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