The Letters Keep Coming

The Letters keep coming in!!!

I got 3 more hand written letters this week about the experience of reading my book “Inside the World of Mirrors – The Story of a Shadow Warrior. Emails I might expect, but hand written letters really surprised me.

Getting a letter from a reader is not something that I had ever thought about. Every author wants their product to reach out and touch the reader. I am thrilled that this has been happening. The real surprise for me is the people that are writing the letters.

In almost every case, the husband or boyfriend had bought the book and read it. But they are not the people who are writing to me. I’m getting letters from wives and girl friends.

I posted some of these on my facebook page. Just go to facebook and type in J. Max Taylor or Inside the World of Mirrors to read some of them.

It is a moving experience for me as an author to hear from the wives and girl friends of the people who bought the book. Their comments and thoughts really drove home the fact that I actually touched someone’s life.

What more could an author wish or hope for?

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