A letter from Sandy

Dear Max

I have finished the book for the second time.  It’s a gripping and wonderful read.  My boyfriend is reading it now.  He can’t put it down either.

I was so surprised how the chapter titles fit the stories.  It was fun to read the title and try to guess what the chapter was going to be about.  Then I would read the chapter and find out that I had been both right and wrong about the story.

I really appreciate the fact that you did not dwell on the blood and gore like so many books about this time frame.  It was obvious how bad it was sometimes, but you never slipped up and took us in the blood and gore.

I have a book club meeting tomorrow afternoon, and I’m going to take the book with me.  I will tell everyone that they need to read Inside the World of Mirrors.  It will inform and education them on what was really going on.

I am looking forward to your next book.  I want to hear more.

Sandy Carleson

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