The World has Always been a Strange and Dangerous Place!

Many of my readers have asked me to comment on how today’s current events relate to what I was doing between 1968 and 1976. Several of my radio interviews have also asked the same question, so I going to try to address this in the following paragraphs.
The terrorist’s activities, wars, and terrible genocide that are in the news today are no surprise to me. Even though it may seem to be a relative new set of problems in the last 20 years, it was going on in 1968 through 1976 also. The places and events were different only in that they happened in another era.
The Special Intelligence Operations Group that I worked in was tasked with taking the war to the enemies of our country. It was then believed that if they were fighting in their own country, then they would not have the assets or opportunity to come to the USA to fight their wars here. It has been proven that this was an accurate assessment by the powers that be.
During the second term of the Clinton Presidency, you will remember that the budget that the US Government was working under was being cut back to meet the campaign promises that had been made. It was a political decision that had unexpected and unplanned ramifications.
The cut backs in the budge were so deep, so as to balance the budget, that the total US intelligence community was badly damaged. I do not believe that the Clinton administration understood what the budget cutting was going to cause. They were just executing a political promise that had been made to the American people. Never the less, the cuts went so deep that the CIA Directorate of Operations was slashed by over 50%. In addition, the Special Intelligence Operations Group actually ceased to exist.
Up to this time there had been no terrorist’s activities inside the USA. Within 5 years, we began to have terrorist attacks within our borders. Since we were no longer cutting the potential problems off at the roots by attacking them in their country, the terrorist community was able to build toward a series of incidents that culminated with the 9/11 attack.
It is now apparent, while the budget cutters had no intention of harming the country, that we have been attacked and damaged in such a way as to actually change the way we live today. We are constantly reminded of this when we try to fly on an airplane. The increase in security measures and the limitation of many of our freedoms have caused a drastic change in America. It is apparent that the terrorist community has been successful in changing our life. They are, for the first time, winning the battle.
Since 9/11 we have embarked on a course that is running our country into the ground. I have no idea how we can reverse this process. I only know that what I fought for no longer exists. The American people must decide to make a change. Unfortunately, very few members of our populace have any knowledge of how these events came to occur.

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