The Hottest “COLD WAR”

I have always shaken my head in amazement and discust when I have heard a political speech about the “COLD WAR”. With all the activity that was going on around the world, I had never figured out what “COLD WAR” really meant. After years of watching our political leadership talk about it, I have finally decided that I have a definition for the phrase “COLD WAR”. “COLD WAR” means that we have less than 100,000 military personnel actually involved in some form of conflict and that what is happening does not make the front page of the newspaper.

It has never meant that we were not involved in some sort of conflict. We were always involved in some sort of activity. Sometimes it was called a “police action”. Sometimes it was called “peace keeping”. Most of the time no kind of acknowledgement was even mentioned, but was instead ignored.

What about all the activity that went on between Free Europe and the Warsaw Bloc countries. If you had spent just one week in Berlin during this period, you would know that “Cold” is not a term that could be used in any context.

What about Africa and the Arab Countries. Am I completely crazy, or were American personnel constantly involved in these areas. We are not even counting Asia or South America.

The United States Government has used the term “COLD WAR” to mean a period where they did not acknowledge that anything was going on just so they didn’t have to provide any benefits for American personnel who were involved, or who died, during these periods.

If someone died in Africa, then the records would show that they died in an automobile accident while off duty in Germany, or some other equally misleading place. It could never come back on them. How many times do we have to hear “We were never there” before it becomes a flashing sign designating another cover up.

Check out the old records and you will find admissions that and Soviet and American submarines had run into each other. The current U.S. Government policy is to ignore the past and refuse to discuss it. I have personally been involved in far too many “incidents that never happened” to be able to have any faith and trust in our political leadership.

Take some time and talk to “COLD WAR” veterans who have been overseas. You will find out that something was always going on. How much longer are we, as a nation, going to continue to allow our political leadership to continue to make decisions that involve our military in activities that “don’t count.” How can we, as citizens of our country, continue to let our political leaders play their own ego games, and not hold them responsible for their actions.

If we had done 1% of the things they have done, we would be in prison. We must stand up and hold our representatives responsible for what they do. If we don’t, then what is left of America will fade away to nothing, and it will have been our fault!

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