A Surprise Encounter

I am beginning to feel like everyone that had some connection with my past is suddenly coming out of the woodwork. I already mentioned meeting the man who was working Cambodia and Laos before I got there. I’ve also wrote about the communications man who used to see my transmission reports coming in under the name “ICEMAN”.
I was just at an American Legion Post in Arizona and met a Retired Green Beret Commander that sent some of his personnel out with me. I am totally stunned by what keeps popping up because of my Book “Inside the World of Mirrors – The Story of a Shadow Warrior.”
I keep being surprised by what keeps happening. I’ve given up trying to figure out the odds. I have a better chance of hitting the Lottery then having these chance meetings pop up in my life.
If this hasn’t got me a bit off balance, last Monday I met with a script writer from Hollywood. We have begun discussions about a movie. He is talking about calling it “Shadow Warrior”. We are exploring a variety of missions for the first film. I am absolutely stunned by the events that keep happening. It’s like a mushroom cloud that just keeps growing and growing, I have reached the stage where I am being pulled along behind the mushroom cloud with no control over what is happening.
I’ve also received a call from a gentleman that does work for both the History Channel and the Discovery Channel.
In my wildest dreams, I never expected anything like this to happen. So if some more of you want to come out of hiding, you can just call me at 602-515-1987 or email me using the contact bar at the top of the webpage. It’s like being a cork on a river! I have no idea where the next surprise will come from.

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