J. Max Taylor

J. Max Taylor was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in Feb 1948. He was an only child and led a normal life through junior high school. In high school he was placed in an advanced program and spent part of each day at the local collage. After he graduated from high school, he received his draft notice in late 1967. When he reported to the draft processing center he went through all the normal physical and intellectual testing that every draftee went through. At the end of all the testing, he was taken aside and offered a special position in military intelligence. If he accepted, he would have a three year commitment to the U.S. Army. He accepted the offer, and in doing so he changed the course of his life. He was trained in special intelligence operations activities, attached to special duty with another organization (which did not officially exist), and was sent to Korea as an intelligence editor handling Specific Intelligence Collection Requirements. From this point forward, till 1976, his book, “Inside the World of Mirrors – The Story of a Shadow Warrior”, tells the compelling story of a world that very few people knew existed. He was medically retired in late 1976. From that time on he has lived in a world of recurring nightmares. The memories of the bad things that happened were never forgotten. He returns every night to the horror and terror that he had experienced. At that time there was no name for his condition. Now it is known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). He still is under care by the Veterans Administration for these problems to this day. He went on with his life to become a successful businessman doing business all around the world. In 2000 an industrial accident disabled him again and aggravated the PTSD. Part of the Veterans Administration Program he was in was Psychological Counseling. He was told to write down his experiences, and read them over and over to help deaden the pain and suffering. “Inside the World of Mirrors – The Story of a Shadow Warrior” is a result of this process. Today he lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his wonderful supportive wife Dorothy.


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