Letters from Readers

To Max,

I finished the book, then I read it again. All I can say is Excellent – Great Reading – A must read for any true American. I find myself perusing through some chapters again – looking for more insight on certain missions. Chapter 5 – The Ghost of Hill 328 and Chapter 8 – Cambodia Didn’t Count are my two favorite chapters. They are intense and informative. As a reader I got a real feeling of what was involved in being a “Shadow Warrior”! Behind enemy lines and leading a special intelligence operation during the Viet Nam war was an experience that few people have ever had.

You ran so many missions and endured many hardships and horrors. I know that you have relived many of the tragedies and horrors many times. I have no way of understanding how hard it must have personally been to write this book. I feel for you, and all the veterans who participated in these conflicts with you.

You did a wonderful job of telling how life and death situations are part of any war. The real difference was that you had to perform and were responsible for the mission and all of your fellow “Shadow Warriors”. You were in extremely stressful and difficult situations behind enemy lines serving your country.

You were a fine soldier and are a great person. It has been my pleasure to meet and visit with you. Inside the World of Mirrors is a good book and a wonderful reading experience. I know that this is only a small percentage of the missions that you ran in your career. What you endured and accomplished makes me proud to be an American. I’m glad that you took the time to write this book – Thank you.

From one Friend and Veteran to Another – keeping writing.


P.S. I hope to see another book or maybe even a movie. Thanks.

Dear Dottie and Max,

Thank you for sending the book mark and nice note.

My husband has just finished reading the book, and I have bought two other copies for friends. Obviously the book has made an impact on me. The whole experience of our “by chance” meeting in the airport, our conversation there layered on my trip to Southeast Asia in 2004, and then reading Max’s story has had a profound effect.

These are the stories we rarely, if ever, hear. Most of us know something about the battle of war, but very little about the back story or the Shadow War, and therefore, we never appreciate the suffering and sacrifice made by others like Max.

And then, of course, there are the political questions – what we ask of people, what we do to others, why we as a nation do or no do certain things – the way policy is crafted or not. These are universal questions for all generations so I am not sure there are answers. I just know I am called to question and examine and I was drawn in to some form of relationship with you – to me it was not a coincidence.

I think the conversation began with the iPad – you will find one (or two, one for each of you) very handy.

Take Care
Peace and Blessings
Mary Lynn


Dear Max

I have finished the book for the second time. It’s a gripping and wonderful read. My boyfriend is reading it now. He can’t put it down either.

I was so surprised how the chapter titles fit the stories. It was fun to read the title and try to guess what the chapter was going to be about. Then I would read the chapter and find out that I had been both right and wrong about the story.

I really appreciate the fact that you did not dwell on the blood and gore like so many books about this time frame. It was obvious how bad it was sometimes, but you never slipped up and took us in the blood and gore.

I have a book club meeting tomorrow afternoon, and I’m going to take the book with me. I will tell everyone that they need to read Inside the World of Mirrors. It will inform and education them on what was really going on.

I am looking forward to your next book. I want to hear more.

Sandy Carleson


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